Prepare For A Professional Belly Dance Performance

The first performance as a soloist or a troupe member is difficult as most people are uncomfortable being the center of attention. There is one additional fear when part of a group… making a mistake. A mistake in a troupe is noticeable because it is obviously different from other members, attracting unwanted attention.

A child making a mistake during a children’s recital is cute. But when an adult makes a mistake, the person making the error feels terrible as she thinks everyone saw the mistake and she feels that she has let down other troupe members.

Dancing before an audience becomes easier with each performance as you become comfortable with people watching. The comfort level is created by focusing on the dance which you have created and sharing your talent with the audience. An entertainer is focused on the audience, not her self.

Are you ready?

  1. Have you gained experiences with a variety of shows?

  2. Are costumes of show quality?

  3. Do you have a library of dance steps committed to body memory?

  4. Have you learned acting skills to keep the audience attentive?

  5. Do you have business knowledge of advertising, publicity, marketing, and selling?

  6. Have you designed contracts for your clients?

Experiences are gained during training under the guidance of a teacher. All performances are reviewed in the classroom in order to correct or improve dancing skills.

Costumes are critical to performances. It is important to know your chosen style of dance. Are you a generalist or a specialist? Costumes are expensive. You need to have a minimum of three costumes.

Dance steps and routines need to be committed to body memory to imprint movements for smoothness and accuracy. It is to your advantage to rehearse performances in order to be rewarded with appreciation, word of mouth advertising, referrals, and financial compensation.

Personality and acting skills are added to the technical movements and steps to entertain the audience. Add drama, comedy, happiness, and other emotions to the story line of the music. The art of belly dancing includes audience participation. The audience needs to be included in your performance routine.

As a professional, knowledge and application of basic business skills is essential. The most important are advertising, marketing, publicity, and selling. You will need to invest and promote your self in order to get numerous gigs or jobs.

The contract is an agreement between the performer and the client relieving any concerns for both parties. The contract answers questions or concerns of both parties. Write on the contract all items of importance for clarity of all agreements. Include the amount of payment for services and products. All parties receive a copy of the agreement form and a receipt for monies paid.

Belly Dancing Is Fun

Belly dancing for many women is fun, fun, and more fun. The American female thoroughly enjoys the movements and the music. But when she mentions that she will be taking classes, often times it is not well received by family and friends.


It is because of malicious stories, false stereotypes, and misinformation about dancers and these falsehoods which defeat or brand potential students. Being a belly dancer in America does not automatically mean being a stripper or a prostitute. (Unfortunately, these viewpoints exist in Middle Eastern countries). Women enjoy dancing and this dance can offer an enjoyable physical outlet of dancing freestyle to music.

The challenge of accomplishing muscle control and certain athletic maneuvers is attractive. Belly dancing is not for everyone as it is considered a difficult and complex dance. For this reason, the faint of heart do not pursue it. Those who do love the challenges and have the necessary discipline and patience will accomplish and succeed learning this ancient dance art.

The cabaret style or night club dancing is the form of dance which takes much criticism because of the costuming and performing in public. It is the attitude of the dancer who selects being a performing artist and sets high standards as a professional dancer or lowers her standards to do otherwise. It is the individual who makes the choice, but unfortunately, all are blamed because of one.

Not every person who takes belly dancing is going to be a public performer. Generally speaking women take lessons for personal reasons.

Reasons for taking lessons:

  1. They may wish to dance for self-expression
  2. Explore other creative outlets such as costuming and making jewelry
  3. Dance with other women who also enjoy this dance
  4. Entertain a husband or a lover
  5. Lose weight, tone their figures, flexibility
  6. Gentle exercises for medical problems
  7. Pregnancy exercises, menstrual relief
  8. Cultural and historical interests
  9. Preparation of muscles for other dance activities
  10. Become comfortable with a female body
  11. Relaxation

There are many styles to choose from and the costuming will change accordingly. In America there are instructors for any style which is of interest to you. Americans can choose Egyptian, Lebanese, and Turkish cabaret, Middle-east folkloric and ethnic, and American folkloric.

You can be assured that once you make a decision to belly dance and receive support from other women you will be glad that you did so. A new world of creativity and making new friends will have you forgetting about the negative publicity. Millions of women worldwide participate in this dance. And the number one reason is “Fun”.

Studio Owner Job Description – Belly Dance

Many people enjoy belly dancing lessons and taking part in performances. After gaining experiences in teaching and performing, you feel that you are qualified to open a business. Do you want to open a studio in a home environment or do you want to lease a commercial location?

There are many excellent reasons to teach in a home; however, zoning regulations may not permit it. During the early stages of beginning this business. It is to your advantage to use an attorney for legal advice.

Research a location in a commercial zoning area that provides a safe area for student parking. Rent or lease a former studio or select a space that can be setup to meet the needs of the classroom.

A major consideration is money. Most small businesses need a minimum of five years to succeed. There are many beginning costs and unexpected expenses which arise in the first year of business. Will your bank account be able to cover these expenditures when the school income cannot pay obligations and your salary?

We love this dance art and we want to share our knowledge with others for an affordable fee. You need business education. Raising capital is the priority in owning a business.

Teaching is one part of creating revenue for the school. Other money-making outlets keep additional funds for secure operation. Make a list of all money-making ventures. Calculate the number of students to secure a stable revenue. List other ventures to supplement the basic income?

Keep a savings account and insurance to cover unexpected necessities and emergency expenditures.

It is important that you invest with personal monies and acknowledge your capabilities to create other income. Do not borrow money. It may help as a temporary solution, but it will add to an ongoing debt.

Traditional lending institutions such as banks consider the entertainment industry as high risk and will say “no” to a loan. Using credit cards will add debt with interest rates.

Avoid borrowing monies from family and friends. Often they are the last to see their monies returned and hurt feelings will prevail and loss of friendships.

You are in the business of people. Keep them happy. Other methods to support your business are original ideas, solutions, and business knowledge.

Summary: Work your brain to think out of the box with creative ideas of making improvements to increase student capacity. Bookkeeping, contracts, and record keeping is on a routine schedule. Dancers do not find these daily tasks enjoyable or exciting, but regardless of your personal emotions, do it. If you ignore financial details how will you know if you are making profits or losses? You need to know of spent and received monies.