Do The Borg Dance Argentine Tango?

Song of Solomon 6:3 ESV “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine;”

The woman in the coffee shop busily two-thumbed her “mobile device” without talking, as she waited in line with other people. I thought: with whom and to what degree is she connecting, and would she even be interested in learning [I’m a teacher] the Argentine Tango?

A bigger question: why would anyone so facilely and ubiquitously connected to “The Collective” be interested in learning to connect with another person at close range, as in the Argentine tango?

The Internet Foreshadows False Intimacy

According to an article in Christianity Today, “The Internet privileges self-revelation with all its feints, omissions, and dodges, while face-to-face contact over time bequeaths a wealth of observed information.”1 If you want to really get to know someone, you must at least communicate with them face to face. Even romantic partners find that texting does not result in a close relationship. Sujeiry Gonzalez, a dating coach, agrees, citing a study supporting this statement.3

The Argentine Tango Telegraphs True Intimacy

According to an article by Sasha Cagan,”Usually 10 minutes into the class you can tell more about a person’s character or the relationship within a couple than you could after talking.” In short, you can’t hide. Your expression of tango contains so much of you (e.g. posture and body language telegraph your personality) that you are virtually an open book. Of course, you may project on your partner and thus miss important information, but this happens in any encounter, on-line or off.

So Do the Borg Dance The Tango?

I know someone who both texts and dances tango (not at the same time – by the way, have you ever seen it?). There is no study to show a correlation or lack of one between heavy texters and Argentine tango dancers. But I’m betting it’s those unafraid of individuality and intimate connection at the same time who will go for this dance.

And Why Do I Dance The Argentine Tango?

  • It’s the music: earthy, dramatic, at times playful
  • It tests you: I must be decisive, innovative, clear, gentle and inspirational
  • It’s healthy: you burn calories, stretch and tone muscles, exercise your mind
  • It’s social: you can connect, play and develop a mutual understanding
  • It’s worldwide: everywhere they are doing it (some religious groups demure)